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    Our Miracle toilet cleaner has a uniquely fresh and fruity perfume. Its sparkling foam cleaning action leaves your toilet hygienically clean.

    The thick cleaning gel clings to the surface of your toilet, killing *99.9% of bacteria. Not only that but if used regularly (3 times per week), it reduces limescale build-up.

    This fantastic cleaner cleans above and below the waterline.

    Product size: 750ml (25.4 fl oz)

    Directions for use:

    Open the bottle by squeezing the pads on the sides of the cap. Direct nozzle under the toilet rim and squeeze bottle to apply liquid. Flush away for a sparkling clean, fresh finish. For built-up limescale leave overnight with the toilet seat in an upright position. Other liquid to be applied undiluted (AL) to disinfect the toilet.

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