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    The Modern Solution to Metered Aerosol

    • Dry Fragrance Technology Liquid-free, leaves no sticky residue

    • Eco Friendly Refills 100% recyclable containing biodegradable additive and is VOC compliant

    • Superior 30-Day Performance Consistent fragrance release from day 1 to day 30

    • Easy to Refill Hang approximately 1.8m high in the center of the space; no need for a ladder

    Our Fresh is an innovative smart program that ensures an equal fragrance release over 30 days. The unit contains a light sensor to conserve battery life so it only works when the room is in use. A smart chip controls the programming so the fan runs sparingly in week 1 and gradually turns more frequently over the 4 week period, helping release the same amount of air freshener daily over 30 days.

    Where to use:
    Ideal for use is Rest-rooms, Hallways, Public Areas, Hospitals, Aged Care Facilities, Schools, University’s, Day Care Centres, Shopping Centres, Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, Offices, Clubs, Gyms, Train Station & Airports.

    Premium Performance. The Our Fresh range of air fresheners delivers up to 2 x the fragrance then metered Aerosols with a more consistent fragrance release from day 1 to day 30.

    Perfect for Hospitals and Aged Care facilities. This non-aerosol air freshener is perfect for use where you can’t use aerosols due to respiratory issues.

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