Kaivac NoTouch Cleaning – V1250240VI – 1250

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    NTC 1250

    The portable KaiVac 1250 is the smallest cleaning machine of the No-Touch Cleaning family, but delivers the same cleaning power as it’s larger siblings. The KaiVac 1250 is a compact cleaning machine that’s able to be easily transported or stored when space is limited.

    Achieving consistently great cleaning results is easy with this patented cleaning machine. Simply apply an automatically diluted cleaning solution to fixtures and floors in a low pressure fan spray, and then blast surfaces and floors with always-fresh, clean water. The power of the indoor pressure washer flushes soils out of grout lines, crevices and tight places that mops simply can’t reach. Finally, just vacuum the floor dry – completely removing soils, moisture and contaminants from all surfaces, grout lines and crevices, leaving the floor dry, soil-free and ready for immediate use.

    Weight 43 kg
    (H x L X W) Shipping Size 125 x 66 x 61 cm
    (H x L X W) As Assembled 97 x 56 x 51 cm
    Solution Tank 11.3 gal (42.8 l)
    Vacuum Tank 9.3 gal (35.2 l)
    Method of Dumping Dump Hose
    Dump Hose 66,04 cm long
    Toilet Dumping Yes
    Vacuum Motor Lift (H2O) 130″ (330,2 cm)
    Vacuum Flow 3172 l/min
    Decibels (dB) 69 dB @ 1m
    Pump System 34.5 bar (500 PSI)
    Hard rubber tires  2x 12.7 cm
    Casters 2x 10.7 cm
    Blow Hose 10.1 m (Slinky)
    Removable Motor Compartment Yes – Black Box Technology
    HEPA Blow Feature 482.8 km/h (300 mph)
    HEPA Filtered Exhaust Yes – Replaceable
    Volts (Universal) 220-240V; 60Hz
    Amps (Max) 9.5 Amp
    Vacuum power XXXX W
    Pump power XXXX W
    Electric Cord  7.6 m with RCD


    Tools & Attachment Specifications

    Aluminum Vacuum Wand Yes
    Blow Hose & Nozzle Yes
    Window Squeegee Yes
    Gulper Tool Yes
    14″ Squeegee Head Brush Yes
    14″ Squeegee Head Yes
    Spray Line with Spray Gun Yes – 13.7 m
    Training Materials Yes
    Tote Bag Yes
    Vacuum Hose 7.6 m Rigid & 6.1 m Slinky
    Cleaning Width 14″ with included Vacuum Wand. 28″ with optional KAUTO28P attachment.



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