Viper AS510 battery powered walk behind machine

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The AS510 are simple to use medium-sized walk-behind scrubber dryers. The perfect solution for scrubbing and drying in mid-sized and heavy-traffic areas. Ideal for daily indoor cleaning in hotels, restaurants, schools, shopping malls and other retail outlets, as well as hospitals and public transport areas.

The Viper AS510 model is easy to use for medium scrubbing and drying tasks.

The built-in charger, reduced pushing force and ergonomic start/stop switch provide easy handling.

These great value for money machines are suitable for cleaning medium sized areas of hotels, restaurants, schools, shopping centres and other retail outlets as well as hospitals and train stations.

Think value for money and easy to use. Think Viper.

Easy to use: Both the built in charger, reduced pushing force and ergonomic start/stop switch gives the user a better handling of the product
Simple and user-friendly: The solution and recovery tank is integrated into one mold to create higher tank capacity
Great value for money: Available in both cable and battery version to give the customer the flexibility to choose the best way to cover their cleaning needs
One year commercial warranty

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