NILFISK SC100 Full Package

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107418112 Detachable cord - 10 metre
107411867 Hard Floor Squeegee Kit
107411860 Cylindrical Brush
107411864 Manual Vacuum Hose
107411865 Carpet kit (includes brush and squeegee)

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    SC100 Full Package

    Upright scrubber dryer is the master of small space cleaning

    The Nilfisk SC100 is a small scrubber dryer for in-depth cleaning of narrow areas. Compared to the manual solution of mop and bucket, this compact upright machine will get the job done much faster offering a superior cleaning performance.

    Innovative scrubber dryer for cleaning narrow areas with an upright design and low deck profile for difficult to reach places. The Nilfisk SC100 Scrubber Dryer makes cleaning fast, hygenic and safe. Operates in both forward and reverse.

    The Nilfisk SC100 Scrubber Dryer is ideal for retail, restaurants, convenience stores, fast food outlets, hotels and in-home cleaning.

    Scrubs and drys in one single pass giving fast access to cleaned areas
    Two solution flow settings for efficient cleaning and red LED light indicator alarms when tank is empty
    Ergonomic handle for comfortable one or two handed operation
    Easy to carry and transport  – only weighs 12 kg
    Only uses clean solution, eliminating dirt and bacteria.
    The flat recovery tank design and full access makes it fast and easy to clean.
    Can do what others cannot: Low deck profile and offset allow cleaning of difficult to reach areas.
    Easy and quick maintenance helps the operator to always have a clean and functional machine.
    Flexible cleaning with Eco-flow for light cleaning and double-flow for spot or heavy duty cleaning.
    All machine functions stop in upright position, eliminating solution spill and protecting floors.
    The robust aluminum frame design guarantees high reliability and long life.
    Detergent dosing cap conveniently located on the solution tank so you always have the correct solution ratio.
    One year warranty

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