Hako – Sweepmaster B500 Electric Industrial Floor Sweeper or Carpet Area Vacuum

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Super powerful and so simple to use.

The Sweepmaster B500 has the largest hopper of its class and provides highly effective dust control. It is perfectly designed for sweeping light industrial sites as well as indoor open carpeted areas for perfect carpet sweeping.

The Sweepmaster B500 is Hako’s smallest motorized vacuum sweeper. This machine has been designed for both light-duty and demanding sweeping tasks and ensures perfectly cleaned hard floors and carpets while providing an impressive cleaning performance of up to 2,400 m²/h.

The 40-litre dirt hopper is the largest in its class and can be filled to capacity, which means long and uninterrupted operation. A powerful suction fan and our high-performance filter system provide efficient dust control. This machine is particularly maneuverable and easy to use.

Key Features

Electric (battery powered) with maintenance free batteries
Simple and easy to use
Largest hopper of this class (40l)
Extremely simple operation to ensure work is easier and more efficient
Efficient dust control by performing fan and large filter
Totally corrosion proof body/chassis and dirt hopper
Onboard charger with integrated mains cable for uncomplicated recharging

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