Hako – Scrubmaster E10 Industrial Floor Scrubber 240v Cable Electric – 35cm

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Key Features

Available in 240V electric
Compact, robust, handy
Reduced underclearance required (working below tables, etc.)
Small space required for transport and storing due to contour-adapted and foldable operating handlebar.
Perfect results at edges due to projecting brush head. This avoids intensive re-working.
Twin cylinder for optimum cleaning of structured floors and joints.
Easy and quick cylinder brush replacement.
Optimal taking-in of the dirt especially in border areas due to squeegee automation for forward/reverse.
Removable water tanks allow easy filling and emptying.
Stairs and borders can be easily mounted due to the wheel geometry (wheel Ø = 170mm).

Wet scrubbing and dry cleaning in one single operation. Handy, multi-purpose and ideal even for narrow spaces.
The Scrubmaster E10 is a compact, robust and easy to handle scrubber driers designed to clean smaller floor spaces.


The protruding cylindrical brush enables edge close working, rendering time consuming finishing work unnecessary. The twin cylinder cleans granulated floors and joints for optimum results.ADVANCED SCRUBBING PERFORMANCE

The two cylindrical brushes provide advanced scrubbing performance while the two squeegees enable simple forward/backward maneuvering.


The Scrubmaster E10 clean up to 1,400 m2 per hour


The Scrubmaster E10 has a detachable/collapsible tie bar which saves space when stored away or during transport.

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