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    The Cleanserv V5 is one of our latest and most compact vacuum cleaners. It has been intentionally designed for the professional cleaning of offices, hotels, schools and other spaces greater than that of the domestic environment. With speed and productivity on your side with the functionality of the Cleanserv V5, no area (such as hard floors, carpets, curtains and furniture) in inaccessible.

    This piece of cleaning equipment has been stripped back and streamlined to present a light-weight yet relentless vacuum cleaning machine. The jacketed wheels render the vacuum cleaner extremely maneuverable, stable and quiet, meaning that you can clean everywhere without the risk of noise pollution.

    The lengthy power cord ensures that the difficulty of reaching harder areas is an irritation left in the past. With double filtration, provided through a cartridge and paper filter, the Cleanserv V5 remains at optimal running efficiency whilst delivering the best possible clean.

    In addition, the generous hopper means you may rely on a streamlined experience as you approach your cleaning tasks. You may also require our supplementary accessory kit, which awards you with further versatility with a plethora of attachments and vacuum heads to make your tasks incredibly more straight-forward.

    For a compact, easy-to-store, productive piece of vacuum cleaning equipment, the Cleanserv VD5 is one of the most effective options on the market.

    Key features of the CLEANSERV VD5

    1300 W power
    Airflow 58 L/s
    Dry only mode
    Vacuum 281 mbar
    Sound pressure level dbA 62
    12.5 L hopper capacity respectively
    Cable length 12m

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