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    The GD 3-3.5 EG is an additional variation to the GD 3 and is commonly used when the grate opening is 80mm, but the drainpipe is 90mm.

    The GD 3-3.5 EG (3-3.5″ or 80-90 mm pipe size) is commercially certified and used in the outlet connections of floor drain bodies or the inside of floor drain strainers to seal the opening to prevent odors, sewer gases, and insects from entering the floor drain grate. The Green Drain’s four flexible silicone sealing ribs ensure easy installation into openings with variations in size. Our drain will open to allow drainage and close when there is no water flow. All Green Drain products can be used in either new construction or retrofit applications where trap primers were never installed.

    – Prevents odors from coming up your drain.
    – Stops pests from entering your premises.
    – Prevents the spread of viruses and bacteria.
    – Protects from dangerous sewer gases.
    – Limits minor sewer backups.
    – Allows a high flow of water down the drain.

    Product Details:

    Pipe Size: 3-3.5″ (80-90mm)
    Height: 50 mm
    LPM: 128.7
    GPM: 34

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